[BLML] No diamonds in dummy

Steve Willner swillner at nhcc.net
Sun Apr 1 01:13:12 CEST 2012

On 2012-03-29 11:30 PM, Steve Willner wrote:
> At notrump, declarer leads a diamond in which dummy is void.  LHO
> discards, declarer says "small," dummy does nothing, and RHO wins the
> trick.  RHO now leads a spade to the next trick.  Dummy has a spade
> winner, but declarer might have discarded it on the diamond trick.
> I get as far as:
> L46B1c: "small" means dummy's lowest diamond
> L46B4: no diamonds in dummy, call is void, declarer designates any legal
> card

Another complication: L46B1c says: "If [declarer] calls ‘low’, or words 
of like meaning, he is deemed to have called the lowest card."

Does that mean the lowest card of the suit led (nonexistent), or the 
lowest card of any suit in dummy?  In other words, if dummy has exactly 
one deuce, is declarer obliged to play that card?  My opinion would be 
"no," but the words don't actually say.

Suggestion for 2017: add "of the suit led" to all parts of L46B1.

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