[BLML] Happiness is a purring cat [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Thomas Dehn blml at arcor.de
Wed Sep 29 11:21:29 CEST 2010

richard.hills at immi.gov.au wrote:
> >>>.....
> >>>Pair C is blaming their lower finish on making mistakes, not
> >>>the director.
> >>>
> >>>Why am I explaining why feel-good rulings work? Don't we all
> >>>understand them? There is an art and philosophy to them that
> >>>is an interesting topic of conversation.
> Thomas Dehn:
> >>.....
> >>"Oh, the people I cheated didn't notice, thus the cheating
> >>was fine".
> >>.....
> Richard Hills:
> "Cheating" is too strong a word by my lights, since a true
> cheater is wholly surreptitious.  Robert Frick, on the other
> hand, publicly (and repeatedly) brags about his very peculiar
> approach to bridge ethics to blml's world-wide audience.

Yes, "cheating" is too strong a word. But we had been talking around
for days, I simply deemed it necessary to clarify the overall situation.


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