[BLML] Non-transfer accepted [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Nigel Guthrie nigelguthrie at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 21 13:56:29 CEST 2010

{richard Hills]
Imps North/East-West. You, South, hold: A52 K74 KT8 QT75

---       1NT(1)    Pass      2NT(2)
Pass      3D        Pass      ?
(1) 12-14
(2) Balanced invitation - incorrectly alerted
What logical alternative do you choose?
What logical alternative, if any, is unLawful?

A director (or failing that a committee) is quite likely to allow 3N but a 
masochistic player would still choose the law-abiding 3D. You make a limit 2N 
bid, giving partner the choice between 2N and 3N. He makes the final decision 
even if it is a peculiar 3D. Without the UI, this could be a weak correction to 
what partner deems a safer contract. 

Again, the peer-sample must be restricted to those players who, over partner's 
one notrump opener, would invite with 2N rather than commit with 3N.  

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