[BLML] Chucking Feat

gampas at aol.com gampas at aol.com
Fri Sep 17 14:22:36 CEST 2010

A discus thrower intends to take a banned steroid, but instead takes a 
permitted glucose supplement by mistake. One contributor to Bridge Laws 
Forum would think he should be punished because he tried to cheat. What 
relevance has this to bridge?

Well, let us say that the organising committee carelessly leaves some 
hand records lying around, and I accidentally see them. I spot that on 
board one East has a singleton king of clubs.

Lo and behold, when I play board one as South, I drop the king of clubs 
singleton offside. "That old wives' tale always works," I say, goading 
the opponent. He is suspicious however and reports the incident. The TD 
recalls seeing me in the equipment room, but when he investigates 
further, he finds that what I saw were left over copies from the 
previous day's seniors pairs. But not before I had owned up to seeing 
board 1 of what I thought were today's hands.

Now, I do not have any UI, as the information I had was not about a 
board I was playing or was yet to play (Law 16C), so it appears I have 
not committed an infraction. The score should stand under the current 
Laws on board 1. Surely some Law can be used to punish me; perhaps 
there should be an addition to 12A allowing the director to award an 
adjusted score for any behaviour contrary to the spirit of the game, or 
that might bring the game into disrepute. A catchall clause.

That could be a slippery path, however, and we will find two camps.  
Those that regard exploitation of loopholes as cynical and 
unacceptable, and those that think no disapprobation should apply to 
anyone who takes full advantage of the Laws and their defects.

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