[BLML] 100% of Nothing [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Alain Gottcheiner agot at ulb.ac.be
Thu Sep 9 11:41:14 CEST 2010

  Le 9/09/2010 3:05, richard.hills at immi.gov.au a écrit :
> Richard Hills:
> In the EBU they rule like that out of the red, via their
> Red Misbid regulation.
> If North forgets a convention (the most notorious forgotten
> convention is Ghestem), and South then selects an illogical
> alternative which only makes sense if South thinks that
> North might have forgotten, then the EBU deems that South
> has illegally fielded North's misbid.  And it does not
> matter if this is the first time that North's forgetfulness
> has come to the Director's attention.
AG : I don't like this at all.

1C        2C        2D        ?

2C = 54+ majors

your hand : Ax-Jxxxxx-Jxxx-x.

At the table I bid 2H, to try slowing the bidding down.
Now, if parter for any reason had made a (for him) natural 2C bid, I 
would be chastised for having fielded his misbid ???

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