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""How various his employments , whom the
   Calls idle; and who justly in return,
   Esteems that busy world an idler too.""
                         [William Cowper]
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Eric Landau <ehaa at starpower.net>
 This is an interesting exercise, and may be
helpful in refining our theoretical approach
to dealing with UI, but in no way corresponds
to anything resembling reality.

Agree that this is very different to reality.
I simply tried to create examples where only
interpretation and application of TFLB matters,
and bridge judgment and different interpretations
of facts are avoided as much as possible.
[Grattan, opinion]
+=+ Bridge is a game of judgement and bridge
judgement inevitably plays a major part in the
administration of its laws and the rectification
of irregularities. The assessment of matters of
bridge judgement in applying the laws is not
a subject matter for the Laws Committee or
the Law Book. A matter for the Director in the
first place, it falls ultimately within the remit
of the appeals committee. The approach to the
subject raised by Thomas may have something
in common with the approach to 'partnership
understanding' that was minuted by the WBF
Laws Committee in August, 2000; this stated
(in a comment on psychic tendencies):   "The
view is taken that a partnership understanding
exists when the frequency of occurrence is
sufficient for the partner of a psycher to take
his awareness of psychic possibilities into
account, whether he does so or not."
    As in the case of awareness of a partnership
understanding, the level at which there is an
awareness of something that is "demonstrably
suggested" to a player is a bridge judgement
for Director and appeals committee.  +=+

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