[BLML] out of order [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

David david.j.barton at lineone.net
Fri Sep 3 08:06:34 CEST 2010


> Peter is correct in arguing that "it", East's
> acceptance of North's play out of turn, is fully
> legal under Laws 57C1 and 60A (unless one accepts
> David Barton's ludicrous argument that Law 60A is
> inapplicable because East does not have a RHO).
> Best wishes
> Richard Hills

I object to this. That wording is YOURS not MINE.

L60A A Play by a member of the non-offending side after his RHO has LED OR 
PLAYED out of turn or prematurely and before rectification has been assessed 
forfeits the right to rectification of that offence.

(1) I argued that the play from dummy was made by declarer (LHO) not that 
RHO does not exist.
(2) This law is applicable only if the second condition (before 
rectification of declarer's of declarer's out of turn play) is ALSO met. 
This is not the case here because the Director has been called before either 
defender has played.

Please do not ridicule an argument that was never made and ascribe the 
ludicrous statement that East does not have a RHO to me (that was entirely 

david.j.barton at lineone.net

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