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Thomas Dehn:

[reasons for not adjusting the score snipped]

>Once again, a case where UI reinforces AI.

Richard Hills:

I disagree.  The actual East-West put forward similar
arguments to those of Thomas.

Appeals Comment by East-West:

>>We do not agree that pass is a LA – partner has bid a non-
>>forcing and terminal 2H over 2D.

Richard Hills:

But that does not mean that partner is denying significant
defensive values.  Partner could be just short of game
invite values with a spade stack.

Appeals Comment by East-West:

>>I have the authorised information that I have psyched and
>>I am at favourable vulnerability.

Richard Hills:

West also has the authorised information that his spade
void increases the likelihood that East will hold a spade
stack.  But the unauthorised information from East's slow
double demonstrably suggests that a spade stack is no
longer possible.

Appeals Comment by East-West:

>>Even with 2 trump tricks for partner there is unlikely to
>>be any defence to 4Sx.

Richard Hills:

Balderdash.  Even at favourable vulnerability a phantom
sacrifice or over-expensive sacrifice can turn a top into a
bottom.  When the opponents hold the majority of the high
cards, and you know that your side has no great fit, it is
easier to win four tricks defending 4Sx in defence than win
eight tricks declaring 5Hx in offence.

Appeals Comment by East-West:

>>Further, the opponent’s pass of 4NT is wild and gambling
>>and shows the desire to achieve a double-shot.

Frances Hinden, casebook panellist:

" ... Passing out 4NT is bad bridge, not wild or gambling."

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