[BLML] a bergen on a timbouktou

Herman De Wael Hermandw at skynet.be
Mon Nov 29 17:24:28 CET 2010

Harald Skjæran wrote:
>> Isn't that what I wrote?
> No Herman. You only commented on the explanation of norths 3D, not on
> the non-alert of souths conventional 1H overcall.
> You have to rule on what would have happened if east had the correct
> explanation of souths 1H overcall, not only the correct explanation of
> norths 3D bid.

please reread my original below:

>>>> So East is potentially damaged in his selection of the call of 3S.
>>>> What would East bid if he hears that South potentially has spades (he
>>>> was not told this either, we presume) and North has shown spades?
>>>> Probably infer that South does not have spades, and bid them at this
>>>> junction. So the bidding would likely have gone the same.

Herman De Wael
Wilrijk Antwerpen Belgium

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