[BLML] claiming question (penalty cards)

Peter Eidt PeterEidt at t-online.de
Sat Nov 20 19:47:48 CET 2010

From: "Robert Frick" <rfrick at rfrick.info>
> Just to check. Declarer claims for the rest of the tricks, the opps
> have no reason to question this. But when they look at each others'
> hands, they see there is a reasonable defense to take a trick. So they
> object to the claim and the director is called.
> If you just follow the lawbook, are the defender's hands all penalty
> cards? 
> ("The Director may require players to put their remaining cards face
> up on the table" But this only kicks in once the claim is contested.
> These players did not contest the claim until after seeing each others
> hand.
> Anyway, the director did not require this in the example; the
> defenders did it before the director was called.)

bullshit :(

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