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+=+ To me it appears 3C has a more precise meaning
than the insufficient bid. The auction continues; LHO 
is not barred. I suggest Law 26B applies. If 3C turns 
out to have been psyched and I consider that the NOS 
is affected by it, getting a poor result, I would reach 
for Law 23. 
      Additionally, at the end of the play the Director 
must judge whether there is cause to apply Law 27D. 
                                     ~ Grattan ~   +=+
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without the trap ...

We have a Law reading problem :

Decl      LHO     Dummy    RHO 
1S         P         2NT*         2S**    2NT* shows invitational fit
2S** = insufficient bid,
"ho, i saw 1NT, not 1NT and 2S is one suiter in our system"
Decl      LHO     Dummy    RHO 
1S         P         2NT*        3C***    3C*** = natural clubs
4S end

do you apply L27B1b?
is LHO allowed to bid (even is he passes)?

do you apply L26 lead restrictions?
if you do, what are the forbidden suit(s)?
can declarer ask for a suit to be led?

can RHO psyched with 3C?
do you rule differently if he has D or H?

Thanks ...
Olivier Beauvillain
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