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richard.hills at immi.gov.au richard.hills at immi.gov.au
Wed Nov 17 21:52:37 CET 2010

>>Matchpoint pairs, dealer East, both vulnerable
>>The bidding has gone:
>>WEST      NORTH     EAST      SOUTH
>>---       ---       1S        Pass
>>Pass      2H        3S        3H
>>You, South, hold:

>>Scenario Two
>>The bidding has gone:
>>WEST      NORTH     EAST      SOUTH
>>---       ---       1S        Pass
>>Pass      2H        3S        3H
>>3S        4H        4S        ?
>>What sufficient call do you make now?

Ron Johnson:

>Well this won't be the common auction. West won't have that
>useful 3S invitation available and doesn't seem to be worth
>a 4S call.

Richard Hills:

Precisely.  For any insufficient bid auction _in general_
the insufficient bidder "could have been aware" that the IB
might give the non-offending side more bidding space.

But for this insufficient bid auction _in particular_, the
insufficient bidder "could have been aware" that the only
way that West is likely to be able to afford to show spade
support to East is after a condoned insufficient bid, plus
South's hand and the auction tells South that West's
possible 3S after a condonation "could well damage the non-
offending side".

Gordon Rainsford:

>I'd pass in the first case, double in the second.

Richard Hills:

At the table Scenario Two did in fact occur, South did in
fact double 4S, and the result was a matchpoint pairs kiss-
of-death +200 top score for North-South.

Gordon Rainsford:

>We don't have enough information to know whether we've
>gained an advantage through the insufficient bid,

Richard Hills:

On this fuller statement of the facts, the offending side
did gain an advantage, improving a nondescript score of
-140 to a cold top of +200.

Gordon Rainsford:

>though even if we have it seems unlikely that I could have
>known that we might.

Richard Hills:

This is the nub of the issue.  My $0.02 worth is that Law
23 was not infracted, as the East-West debacle was too
idiosyncratic to be reasonably anticipated by South.

But my assessment is one-eyed, since I was South at the
table.  :-)  :-)

Best wishes

Richard Hills
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