[BLML] New Orleans NABC+ case 8

Marvin French mfrench1 at san.rr.com
Wed Nov 17 06:58:51 CET 2010

From: "Nigel Guthrie"

> Or perhaps they did indeed have an *identical* auction ...
> Opener... S:Tx H:AKQxx D:9x C:AKxx
> Responder S:AKQxx H- D:AQJTx C:Qxx
> 1H - 1S
> 2C - 2D
> 2S - 3D
> 3H - 3N
> ??
> Responder may have hesitated before bidding 3N on his 18 count, so 
> that opener  felt ethically bound to pass.

Yes, that was the auction. There is no ethical problem with bidding 
on with an extra ace, quality HCP, and a strong suit, despite what 
the AC thought. 4NT had to be cold,  no matter what responder holds 
for his game-forcing auction.

3NT is a wide-range bid, anything from 13 to 18 HCP. Opener had to 
investigate with a 4NT bid, no question about it.

Marvin L French

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