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Attributed to Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965), American statesman:

"Eggheads of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but
your yolks."

Eric Landau:

>Disclosure isn't the issue here.  It is the chain of logic:
>if it is disclosable, it must be a partnership understanding;


Richard Hills:

Blmlers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but Eric
Landau's chains of logic.

It is not "if it disclosable, then it is a partnership
understanding".  Rather, it is "if it is a partnership
understanding, then it is disclosable".

Law 40A1(a):

"Partnership understandings ... may be reached ... implicitly
through mutual ... awareness of the players."

Law 40A1(b):

" ... a duty to make available its partnership understandings
to opponents ... "

Robert Frick:

>> ... I read Lawrence's book on overcalls. It has a number of
>>ideas that change how I make overcalls. I have to write all
>>of those on my convention card? ...

Attributed to Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965), American statesman:

"The trouble with Americans is that they haven't read the
minutes of the previous meeting."

Richard Hills:

The trouble with Frickicans is that they haven't read the
principles of the current Lawbook.  I too have read Mike
Lawrence's book on overcalls.  In one section he recommends a
partnership understanding that in some frequent circumstances
an overcall could be made on a 4-card suit.  Such a Lawrencian
understanding would be unusual and surprising to Sven Pran,
who comes from a bridge environment in which all overcalls
guarantee at least a 5-card suit.  So the Lawrencian 4-card
overcall partnership understanding needs to be disclosed at
the appropriate time and in the appropriate way (not
necessarily by writing it on the System Card) to a Svenish

Robert Frick, statement of principle:

>> ... The fact of the matter is, I accept that the opponents
>>know what they are doing better than I do. And nothing is
>>going to change that. ...

Richard Hills, statement of principle:

The fact of the matter is, your principle should be to
disclose, not as little as you must, but as much as you can,
and as comprehensibly as you can.

The Frick and Hills statements of principle are not in any
way logically incompatible.  But the two statements of
principle approach Full Disclosure from opposite directions,
with the Frick statement emphasising that "Full" is an
impossible ideal, while the Hills statement emphasises that
"Full" is an Excelsior! goal worth striving for.

ABF Alert Regulations:

"If you make a _positive effort_ to meet your obligations
under full disclosure, you will rarely if ever fall foul of
these regulations."

Best wishes

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