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Again, I have to agree with Richard. (must be something I ate ..)

I want to add one point. The EBU satisfaction with announcements is not 
just because of its limit of use, but because of a special circumstance 
regarding that limit.
In Belgium, 95% of pairs play 1NT as 15-17. This means that the 5% who 
play weak NT don't mind alerting it. And it also means that the alert is 
helpful, because players know what the alert means.

But in a country where roughly half the field plays one system and half 
play another, it is not fair on either half to ask them to alert and not 
the other half. Plus that it may become blurred which one should be 
alerted. By announcing, everyone is happy.
But that is only the case for this one part of system. Not for every 
other one.


richard.hills at immi.gov.au wrote:
> Nigel Guthrie:
> [snip]
>> - Simplify disclosure protocol. For the normal (screen-less) game,
>> I suggest:
>> a. When partner makes any call, you announce its meaning to
>> opponents. This would speed up the game, saving the time (and un-
>> authorised information) resulting from alerts and from questions.
>> (Limited announcements have been tried by the EBU and most players
>> rate them as a success story).
> [snip]
> Richard Hills:
> Like Adam Wildavsky, Nigel Guthrie is purist in his philosophy.
> Adam's libertarian philosophy (_all_ government is bad) causes Adam
> to therefore disbelieve in HCCC (human-caused climate change),
> notwithstanding the overwhelming scientific evidence which supports
> HCCC.  This is because a solution to HCCC necessarily involves
> international cooperation by the world's "unnecessary" governments.
> Nigel's uniformitarian philosophy likewise causes Nigel to believe
> that if limited Announcements have been successful in the EBU, then
> universal Announcements used by every Regulating Authority are
> _necessarily_ a Good Thing.
> Not so.
> What is needed is a cost-benefit analysis of Announcements,
> because circumstances alter cases.
> In the EBU an Announcement of pard's 1NT opening as 16-20 hcp
> prevents the former four-way UI of:
> (a) immediately bid in tempo over 1NT = strong hand
> (b) ask about 1NT range then bid in tempo = medium hand
> (c) ask about 1NT range than Pass in temp = weak hand
> (d) immediately Pass in tempo over 1NT = yarborough
> So far, so good for Announcements.
> Suppose on the fifth round of the auction a bid of 4D is Announced
> as Kickback Blackwood in Clubs.  In this case the Announcement is
> likely to increase rather than diminish UI, since very many
> players will misunderstand their own complex methods if they are
> unprompted by Announcements from their partners.  Worse still,
> partnerships who lack any partnership understanding on the fifth
> round of a complex auction can use an Announcement to create such
> an understanding in the middle of such an auction.
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