[BLML] entitlement to knowing both wrong and right explanation

Herman De Wael Hermandw at skynet.be
Thu Nov 11 09:38:08 CET 2010

Hans van Staveren wrote:
> As far as I understand this subject(it has been explained again at
> the last EBL TD course) the director can assign an adjusted score if
> he judges that having had the correct information only the result
> might well have been different. Whether the action is a call or a
> play makes no difference.
> The example given was South 2H(alerted "strong"), North 4H, all pass.
> Now South says the agreement was weak two's. Now West wants to
> double.
> The idea is that if West can explain that his hand warrants a double
> after 2H(weak)-4H but not after 2H(strong)-4H he can do so. But if
> the only reason he wants to double is he now has the extra info that
> opps have a misunderstanding he is not allowed to do so.

This one was indeed addressed at Sanremo earlier this year.

> Same would apply to opening leads.

But this one hasn't.

And the logic is not the same.

The laws explicitely state that the declaring side must correct the 
explanation before the lead (where it also explicitely states they 
should not do so any time earlier).

That means, IMO, that opponents are entitled to the two "meanings" 
during the play, including for the opening lead.

Also look at another difference between the two rulings: the final pass 
has already occurred, and in order to change it, the TD has to make a 
decision as to whether or not the wrong explanation has lead to the 
pass. And it hasn't.
OTOH, the opening lead has not yet been made at the time of the 
infraction of not correcting. That infraction is a new one, and it 
damages the opponents.

FWIW, I don't really agree that this is how the laws should be, but I 
accept that they are like that and I do believe they are reasonably fair 
like this.

> Another issue is if during the bidding it becomes clear opps have a
> misunderstanding, whether that info is legal. The answer to that must
> be yes.

info can never be illegal, it can only be authorized or unauthorized. 
This info is indeed authorized.

> Hans

Herman De Wael
Wilrijk Antwerpen Belgium

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