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Thu Nov 11 01:58:50 CET 2010

Robert Frick:

>>...I am saying that you, me and probably everyone follows the
>>principle that "the non-claiming side is assumed to perform
>>brilliantly after the claim".

Richard Hills:

"Probably everyone" counter-example; this unprincipled principle
is not followed by me.

Robert Frick:

>>Furthermore, this takes precedence over the injunction to make
>>an equitable ruling, which is in the rules...

Richard Hills:

No, Law 70A requires equity to take precedence.  If the Director
is uncertain as to where equity lies, such a "doubtful point as
to a claim shall be resolved against the claimer".

Pocket Oxford Dictionary:

"doubtful  a., feeling or giving rise to doubt, uncertain"

Thomas Dehn:

>...With respect to your hand, an L12C1(c) type assigned
>adjusted score (20% resp. 30% of two tricks to the defense, 80%
>resp. 70% of one trick to the defense, assuming your partner is
>really that horrible) might be more reasonable that either
>giving the defense one tricks (deprives your partner of the
>opportunity to make a play) or giving the defense two tricks
>(which they would have gotten only rarely if the hand had been
>played out)...

WBF Laws Committee minutes, 4th September 2009, item 9(a):

"It was agreed that in no circumstances can the application of
Law 69B2 lead to a weighted score. The law requires that 'such
trick' shall be transferred or not transferred as determined by
the Director's ascertainment of facts."

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