[BLML] inferior and irrational

Herman De Wael Hermandw at skynet.be
Mon Nov 8 08:25:32 CET 2010

Thomas Dehn wrote:
> Agree so far.
>> And the wordings for the second item are different in the fact that I
>> say the player realizes it is inferior, and you say that he would not
>> choose it. I also think that these are the same.
> I believe they are not the same. The number of lines a player
> might choose contain quite a few lines the player might
> "recognize as inferior". BTW, I was not trying
> to suggest a wording. I was only trying to point out that
> your suggested wording will lead to misunderstandings.
> Many players will interprete "recognize that inferiority" as
> merely "recognize that the formal probability of success is significantly lower".
> This is in no way the same as "would not choose". To choose a line,
> many other factors come into play, such as state of the match, table feel,
> whether declarer believes the defense's auction and carding,
> whether an opponent might have chosen a different auction
> or play with a particular hand, whether winning by a squeeze is considered
> more gratifying than winning by a finesse, and so on.

Come on Thomas, get real.
If a player recognizes that a line is "so much" inferior, then he will 
not choose it.
You yourself state that "a line that is so much inferior that a player 
will not choose it" is called irrational.

All that needs to be done is to make a ruling on what is "so much" inferior.

My only point is that when a line becomes "so much" inferior, it becomes 
irrational. Your argueing against such a statement does not help the 
game forward.

> Thomas

Herman De Wael
Wilrijk Antwerpen Belgium

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