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The Court Jester (1955 film):

"The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle.
The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true."


"Irregularity — a deviation from correct procedure inclusive of,
but not limited to, those which involve an infraction by a

Richard Hills:

>>Note that "a deviation" is past tense; the Definition does not
>>include the future tense "or an intention to deviate".  Since
>>"play ceases" (Law 68D) when a claim occurs, the claimer's
>>proposed irregular play from the wrong hand has not occurred.
>>Quod erat demonstrandum.

Sven Pran, the brew that is true:

>HUH ? ? ? ? ?
>"Deviation" is a noun, not a verb, so speaking about past,
>present or future tense for this word is meaningless.
>The only "erat demonstrandum" appears to be ignorance of basic

Law 12B1, Objectives of Score Adjustment, first sentence:

"The objective of score adjustment is to redress damage to a non-
offending side and to take away any advantage gained by an
offending side through its infraction."

Richard Hills, the brew that is true:

In the above Law the word "gained" is a verb in the past tense.
Quod erat demonstrandum.

The Court Jester (1955 film):

"Who did what to what?"

"Oh, they all did, sire. There they were in the dark; the Duke
with his dagger, the Doge with his dart, Duchess with her dirk."

"Duchess with her dirk?"

"Yes! The Duchess dove at the Duke just when the Duke dove at the
Doge. Now the Duke ducked, the Doge dodged, and the Duchess
didn't. So the Duke got the Duchess, the Duchess got the Doge,
and the Doge got the Duke!"

"Curious. I... I... hm? What? What's that? All I heard was that
the Duchess had a siege of rheumatism. She's 83, you know."

Best wishes

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