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2018 Law 44C - Requirement to Follow Suit

"In playing to a trick, each player must follow suit if possible.
This obligation takes precedence over almost (see Law Zero) all
other requirements of these Laws."

2018 Law Zero - Utterly Unfair

"The Director and/or any player may completely ignore any or all
of the other Laws in The Fabulous Law Book if the Director and/or
any player considers the correct application of any or all of the
other Laws to be utterly unfair."

Sven Pran:

>The Director must take into consideration that declarer claimed
>because LHO showed out and the continued play was therefore


>I consider it utterly unfair to declarer if the claim is upheld
>as originally made.


Richard Hills:

The Director must take into consideration that if there had been
no revoke by LHO and no claim by declarer, RHO would have scored
an unexpected trump trick as declarer would not have been
reminded to recount trumps as a result of RHO's objection to
declarer's claim.

And the claim, in my hypothetical example, was not upheld as
originally made.  While the result was the same, declarer gained
a trick from LHO but lost a trick to RHO.

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