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>Duplicate Bridge is played by its rules, not played by "logic".
>Duplicate Bridge is played by its rules, not played by "logic".
>Duplicate Bridge is played by its rules, not played by "logic".
>The "illogical" Law 68D, first two phrases:
>"After any claim or concession, play ***ceases*** ... "
>The "illogical" Law 70A, second phrase:
>" ... the Director ***adjudicates*** the result of the board as
>equitably as possible to both sides ... "

The only time that "logic" is relevant to the Laws of Duplicate
Bridge is when those Laws are decennially revised to become more
suitable.  So at the same time that the "illogical" Laws 68D and
70A are suitably revised, the "illogical" Law 1 may also be
suitably revised to:

       Duplicate Bridge is played between two opponents
       who move their pieces alternately on a square
       board composed of an 8x8 grid of 64 squares
       alternately light (the "white" squares) and dark
       (the "black" squares).  In a two innings match
       of five days or more, the side which bats first
       and leads by at least 200 runs shall have the
       option of requiring the other side to follow
       their innings.

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