[BLML] Educate me please

Herman De Wael Hermandw at skynet.be
Mon May 31 12:32:24 CEST 2010

Gordon Rainsford wrote:
>> of course there is no problem with this: just apply the same formula
>> with those weights at either end. Of course you'll then arrive at
>> scores
>> of -0.4, but no-one said there could be no negative scores, did they?
> Indeed no problem with my/your method. The bit you edited out (and
> about which I was perhaps not sufficiently clear) was that these
> later comments applied only to Sven's method and all variations on it
> - ie methods that ignore the effect of the weighted score on the
> matchpoints of the rest of the field.

Duly noted. Sorry I misinterpreted your post.

> So I don't think Ton, you or I have any difference in our approaches
> to this.

We most certainly don't.

> Gordon Rainsford
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Herman De Wael
Wilrijk Antwerpen Belgium

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