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But I added that if the Director instead assigned a total score, possibly
after weighting several alternative total scores then the result would be a
total score, probably fictitious (like 235), and this total score could be
used when calculating MP scores at all tables. Not that I recommend this
procedure, but it is mathematically absolutely possible.


Regards Sven 




I am not sure what you mean with 'mathematically absolutely possible'. 

Mathematically (better may be:  arithmetically) it is absolutely possible to
manipulate numbers anyway you want. The question is whether this is a right
procedure from a bridge technical point of view and my opinion is that
nobody should ever do something like you  describe. 

Assigning a total score you need a unique bridge result and as soon as two
or more bridge results have to be considered the only correct way of
calculating is taking the average of  (i)mp's and not of total points. 

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