[BLML] Educate me please

Gordon Rainsford gordonrainsford at btinternet.com
Sun May 30 02:03:11 CEST 2010

On 29 May 2010, at 16:52, Marvin French wrote:

> 2. In a BAM event the adjustment can hardly be made in match points,
> or are fractional match points acceptable when win/loss/tie
> probabilities are mixed?

Since you are only determining win/loss/draw on the board, I'd have  
expected the weighting to be done with the aggregate scores before  
comparing with the other table. However, we don't have any national  
BAM events over here, so I'd be interested to hear how it's done in  
countries that do have them and who use weighted scores.

> 3. In an IMP pair event, X-imp scoring, are weighted adjusted scores
> indeed
> compared to every other result to get an IMP answer for each
> comparison, as the White Book says?

Yes. Since Cross-IMP scoring is done by computer, it's not difficult  
to do.

Gordon Rainsford

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