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Napoleon, twice Emperor of France:

"It is easier to put up with unpleasantness from a man of one's
own way of thinking than from one who takes an entirely
different point of view."

Eric Landau:

>>Perhaps Alain's point is that with no special agreement,
>>opening 1NT with 3-2-2-6 is not a "deviation".
>>From "The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge" [ACBL]:
>>"Balanced Distribution (or pattern).  A hand that appears
>>suitable for notrump rather than trump contracts.  Standard
>>types are 4-4-3-2, 4-3-3-3, and 5-3-3-2.  5-4-2-2 and 6-3-2-2
>>are borderline cases."

Alain Gottcheiner:

>AG : My point is that it is standard, and I like the way it is
>defined in Eric's excerpt.


>There is a moral in all this. We've seen that Richard, who is
>a clever guy and knowledgeable in the field of umpiring, fell
>into the 'definition' trap to the point of seeing an invisible
>(pink ?) infraction. This is a good reason to avoid working on
>the basis of (necessarily rigid) definitions.

Richard Hills, unpleasantly entirely different point of view:

My point is not whether something is "borderline standard".
Rather, my point is that in Australia novices are not required
to read The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge.

So in Australia it is important to give more extensive
explanations to novices than you might give to fellow experts,
since for novices there are many more things which they "are
unlikely to expect".  (ABF Alert regulation, clause 3.2.2)

For example, the Ali-Hills partnership does not alert our 1NT
opening bid, since our 1NT opening bid unconditionally denies
a 5-4-2-2 or 6-3-2-2 shape (and also unconditionally denies a
five card major).

But in this different 1NT rebid sequence:

Hills               Ali
1C (1)    Pass      1D (2)    Pass

(1) 15+ hcp, any shape, alerted.
(2) Negative, any shape, alerted.
(3) 15-18 hcp, balanced or semi-balanced, alerted because of
    the semi-balanced possibility, despite a semi-balanced
    shape being "borderline standard" in The Official
    Encyclopedia of Bridge.

I like to baffle bunnies due to my superior skill.
I hate to baffle bunnies by catching them unawares via an
undisclosed "borderline standard" agreement.

Best wishes

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