[BLML] Proofreading ( was:a new sort of claim)

Matthias Berghaus ziffbridge at t-online.de
Mon May 24 15:10:53 CEST 2010

David Burn schrieb:

> Faced with this kind of thing, the people in charge of the rules tend to
> adopt the "this is obvious" defence. They should not, for most of the rules
> that are rubbish were made before their time and can easily be remade to say
> what those in charge want them to say. Konrad and I are happy to volunteer.
> Anyone else?
> David Burn
> London, England

I would even go a step further. My proposal:

Set up a couple of groups over the internet, each with a group leader, 
moderator, whatever. Maybe even do it as a closed forum or something. Be 
sure that each group contains people with different mother languages. 
British/American/Australian etc counts as different for me, but each 
group should contain several non-native speakers of English. A couple of 
non-players should help, too.

Run the proposed new laws by them. Each member independently paraphrases 
the text, moderator gets the results and processes differences. Possibly 
discussion why there are differences in understanding. Moderator reports 
to next gremium.

This should take care of most translation difficulties, too.

And yes, I would be in.

Best regards

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