[BLML] a new sort of claim

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> On May 21, 2010, at 3:32 AM, olivier.beauvillain wrote:
>> very old english lesson, may be i am wrong :
>> may = you are allowed to do so
>> can = you physically are able to do it
>> ex : you may not kill somebody (your partner???) but you can kill him
>> must = you may not do something else : you must let him live
>> in french, always "pouvoir" : je ne peux pas tuer mon partenaire,
>> mais je
>> peux le tuer, oups!!! et je dois le laisser vivre (ouf),
>> so dummy may not claim (not allowed) but he can (just has to
>> speak ...)
> Not clear; indeed, that's the substance of the question at issue.  If
> dummy "may not" claim but "can" claim, we are faced with the problem
> of adjudicating an illegally made claim, which is a matter for the
> laws pertaining to adjudicating claims.  But if dummy (per the laws)
> "cannot" claim then nothing dummy says can be taken as a claim,
> however closely it might resemble one, and it becomes a matter for
> the laws pertaining to improper information being conveyed by dummy
> to declarer.

You "may not" play/lead out of turn, but you can,
You "may not" made an insufficient bid, but you can,
we have Laws to tell us what to do if this happen
and opponent may cover your irregularity or accept it if the Law tells so

Dummy"may not" interfer the play, but he can, you can't prevent him from 
speaking-doing forbidden things
We need to know how to rule... and do the same ruling everywhere!
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