[BLML] a new sort of claim

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olivier.beauvillain a écrit :
> very old english lesson, may be i am wrong :
> may = you are allowed to do so
> can = you physically are able to do it
> ex : you may not kill somebody (your partner???) but you can kill him
> must = you may not do something else : you must let him live
> in french, always "pouvoir" : je ne peux pas tuer mon partenaire, mais je
> peux le tuer, oups!!! et je dois le laisser vivre (ouf)
AG : only in French from France ; in Belgium 'je sais le tuer'. I've
always felt that the few vocabulary differences between France and
Belgium created more clarity on Belgium's side (in fact , most of them
are archaisms from a time when intelligible speech was highly praised).

OB : Yes, i agree, and Canadian'french is better sometimes too ...

> so dummy may not claim (not allowed) but he can (just has to speak ...)
> in L31A2a
> partner may not bid, must pass ... but he still can peek-up a bid-card > 
> new
> irregularity
AG :  aye. So in the case under scrutiny dummy has indeed claimed.
OB : yes, he claimed but was not authorized to do so ...
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