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On Thu, 20 May 2010 01:41:57 +0300, David Babcock <dpb3 at fastmail.fm> wrote:

>> So formally speaking dummy may pseudo-claim in order to make opponent
>> show his cards by reflex and go away with it ?
> When we are told that West showed his cards following a claim by dummy,
> I think we can safely assume we are discussing a novice game (or a
> midnight side game), and anyone "getting away with it" probably doesn't
> apply to the actual case.

Unfortunately, as I have pointed out it was neither. It was a regional  
tournament with international participation, and while NS were  
not-quite-average players, E was a junior international and W a Senior  
Lifemaster. And it was about 7 pm.
The problem as I see it is in the wording of L68: "Any statement to the  
effect that a contestant will win a specific number of
tricks is a claim of those tricks." does not say by whom. Read strictly,  
it would even apply to a statement by a kiebitzer. And as Ton has pointed  
out, the first question to be answered is whether a claim by NS has  
BTW, if play were to continue there is no play problem for declarer: if W  
cashes his good spade, she is down two, otherwise down one.


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