[BLML] a new sort of claim

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I am somewhat surprised by the answers given. Imo the declaring side has not
claimed. Dummy might have expressed an opinion but he can't claim. If the TD
had been called immediately he should have decided to continue play in
accordance with 45F. So formally spoken West by facing his hand made a
claim. But we do not know how many tricks he claimed for? Take it from


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From: "Petrus Schuster OSB" <petrus at stift-kremsmuenster.at>
> In a regional tournament, the defenders (EW - both very experienced
> players) have already taken two tricks against 6 NT by North. West is
> on lead and dummy says "one down". Dummy's cards (H KQJ and C A) are
> good.
> Now West faces his hand which contains the good S8 (North holds the
> 7).
> East says "When you lead your spade, it is two down." Then North also
> shows her cards.
> South calls the TD and insists on one down. After some acrimony West
> agrees.
> PPs aside, how do you rule?

2 down, Law 70 A

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