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Grattan Endicott:

>+=+ "Over the years there has been a marked increase in the
>expertise and experience of Directors, which has been
>recognized in the new Code by the increased responsibilities
>given to them."
>                [ Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007 - Preface.]
>I know you are out of sympathy with this, Nigel, but it is
>the adopted philosophy of the 2007 revision. 'Acts of the
>Apostles 9:5.' .
>                                 ~ Grattan ~   +=+

The Bible, Authorised Version 1611 (King James Bible):

"It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." ACTS 9:5

Richard Hills:

But should the format of the Laws create _unnecessarily_ hard
problems for expert and experienced Directors to understand?

Sure, expert and experienced solvers of cryptic crosswords
could still read the Laws if they were _unnecessarily_
written in anagrams.

Monty Python's Flying Circus:

Interviewer: And I believe you're working on an anagram
             version of Shakespeare ...
Man:         Sey, sey, taht si crreoct, er. Ta the mnemot I'm
             wroking on "The Mating of the Wersh".
Interviewer: "The Mating of the Wersh". By William
Man:         Nay, by Mallawi Rapesheake.
Interviewer: And, er, what else?
Man:         "Two Netlemeg of Verona", "Twelfth Thing", "The
             Chamrent of Venice" ...
Interviewer: Have you done "Hamlet"?
Man:         "Thamle". "Be ot or bot ne ot, tath is the
Interviewer: And what is your next project?
Man:         "Ring Kichard the Thrid".
Interviewer: I'm sorry?
Man:         "A shroe! A shroe! My dingkome for a shroe!"
Interviewer: Ah, Ring Kichard, yes ... but surely that's not
             an anagram, that's a spoonerism.
Man:         If you're going to split hairs I'm going to piss
             off. (he leaves)

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