[BLML] "I refuse to show you my remaining cards!"

Marvin French mfrench1 at san.rr.com
Thu May 6 20:47:30 CEST 2010

In an NABC+ event, two occurences at my table:

1. A defender trumped the 12th trick and conceded the last while 
putting his hand back in the board and quickly moving to the next 
table. I asked his partner to show me his last card, which revealed 
that the cheater had revoked, knowing there would be no penalty if 

2. A defender put his numerous remaining cards into the pocket, 
after briefly flashing them and conceding the rest of the tricks. He 
had dropped an offending card on the floor, hoping no one would 
catch the crime. When the next table called the TD because of a 
12-card hand, he located it under my table and the crime was 
uncovered, revoke penalty paid. I was dummy and I'm ashamed to say I 
hadn't paid enough attention to notice anything.

These things seem to happen to me only at NABCs.

Marvin L French
San Diego, CA

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