[BLML] "I refuse to show you my remaining cards!" - How do you rule, and why?

Peter Eidt PeterEidt at t-online.de
Wed May 5 15:27:31 CEST 2010

Hi Bob,

I rule according to Law 66 D:
"After play ceases, the played and unplayed cards may 
be inspected to settle a claim of a revoke, or of the 
number of tricks won or lost; [...]"

With persisting resistance I rule Law 90.

From: Robert Geller <geller at nifty.com>
> West is declarer.  With 5 tricks left to play in the hand, North turns
> to West and says "OK, you take the rest."  West says to the opponents,
> "OK, thanks, but please show me your remaining cards."
> South says, "Sorry, since the play of the hand has ended I am not
> obligated to show you my remaining cards, and I refuse to do so." 
> West summons the director, and asks him to ask North and South to show
> him (West) their remaining cards.
> How should the director rule, and which specific law(s) justify his
> ruling? 
> -Bob

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