[BLML] Pear(-shape) of Davids Burn [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Robert Park bpark56 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 29 00:34:19 CET 2010

On 1/28/10 5:51 PM, Grattan wrote
>> +=+ The foregoing conversazione staggers about in areas that
>> are treated in the WBF Code of Practice under "Psychic calls"
>> and "Disclosure of psychic tendencies". It would be sensible to
>> look at what the CoP says.  For example, "Players who are
>> found to have any explicit agreement concerning psychic calls,
>> or an implicit agreement concerning a particular kind of psychic
>> call, are to be reminded that they have a partnership agreement
>> that is subject to the regulations established under the authority of
>> Law 40. In particular see Law 40C1."      Again, the CoP states
>> "Opponents are entitled to an equal and timely awareness of any
>> agreement, explicit or implicit, since it may affect their choice of
>> action and for this reason the understanding must be disclosed."
>>          Having absorbed that much we should go back to the sub-
>> paragraphs (a) through (d) under 'Psychic calls'.  Revelations on
>> blml can be adjudged to create a mutual awareness of the kind
>> to which (d) refers; if any of us were to sit down with Herman
>> as partner we could not deny a mutual awareness in respect of
>> what he has described here.  More widely the Director would
>> be required to consider the level of bruit - the degree to which
>> awareness of Herman's assertions, on blml and wherever, has
>> circulated abroad.
>>                                    ~ Grattan  ~ +=+

So...are you saying that once I become aware that my partner has psyched 
a particular bid...say, twice in 2 years...that he may no longer psych 
that bid, and therefore that I don't need to alert what I have observed 
of his tendency?

My apologies, but I sometimes have difficulty discerning exactly what it 
is you are trying to say.  Perhaps I am a slow learner. The sense I am 
getting is that you (and Richard) are part of the movement to ban psychs.

   --Bob Park

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