[BLML] Pear(-shape) of Davids Burn [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

richard willey richard.willey at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 14:08:41 CET 2010

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 7:52 AM, Herman De Wael

> And if you don't call it psyching, then please tell me under what
> conditions you'll allow me to exercise my god-given right to open 1He
> whenever I feel like it.

You can do whatever the fuck you want in your own bedroom, or in this case,
your own kitchen.  However...

IF you are playing bridge in an event sponsored by and external body AND
said body explicitly bans a 1H opening that you want to play

THEN your decision to play in said event limits your right to play said

All your stupid little word games shouldn't disguise the fact that you are a
cheat who is deliberately playing games to disclosure to conceal this fact.

I think back to the halcyon dates of my youth, when indeterminate Hessians
had something to do with the Revolutionary War, where conjugate priors were
monks who had broken their vows, and the expression (X'X)^-1(X'Y) was greek

Those were simpler times
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