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2010/1/22 Nigel Guthrie <nigel.guthrie41 at virginmedia.com>:
> NABC01. LM Open Pairs Q2. Board #1 None vul North deals
> North S: Q97 H: AQT D: A7 C: AKT43
> ----- 2N (_P) ..P
Should be ---- 2N (3S) ...P
> (_P) 3N AP
> South passed after BIT of 5-7 secs
> The Facts: The director was called during the hand and again after the
> play was completed. South said “her bids are always slow.”
> The Ruling: The director determined that there was a BIT that
> demonstrably suggested the 3NT bid and that pass was a logical
> alternative. Therefore, he adjusted the result for both sides to 3S by
> East down one, E/W minus 50 – Laws 16A2 and 12C1(e)
> The Appeal: N/S appealed the director’s ruling. North, South, and West
> attended the hearing.
> N/S said that they play automatic reopenings. Their convention card is
> marked “Auto reopenings over 1x-2y-Pass-Pass.”
> North said he didn’t notice a hesitation and South said she didn’t take
> very long. West said East thought it was longer than five seconds. West
> said South took some time but not a long hesitation. North said he would
> not have reopened if he thought South hesitated.
> West felt East might make 3S if the defense were not perfect. Also, West
> thought South would not have taken five seconds with nothing.
> The Decision: The committee determined that a 5-7 second hesitation in a
> pressure auction did not transmit UI. Therefore, the committee found no
> irregularity and restored the table result of 3NT by North making three,
> N/S plus 400.
> The Committee: Aaron Silverstein (Chair), Michael Huston, Gene Kales,
> Jacob Morgan and David Stevenson.
> [Nigel]
> IMO, the director was right, the committee wrong. And the committee
> should have issued an AMWM.
> Presumably, after North's 2N, East waited for 10 seconds before passing.
... before bidding 3S
> Hence, South's 5-7 seconds was on top of that. It doesn't take 15
> seconds to pass with a balanced Yarborough, so South's hesitation
> promised some values. Although NS may automatically reopen after 1x (2y)
> _P (_P), that doesn't imply a firm agreement over (3S). A suspicion
> which is reinforced by North's statement that he would pass if he
> thought that South hestitated.
Except for the mistyping, I totally agree with the above.

Anyway, another case that shows that the Norwegian stop regulation is
superior - here both North and East should use the stop card before
bidding (2N and 3S respectively).

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