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Robert Frick rfrick at rfrick.info
Fri Jan 22 00:31:38 CET 2010

On Thu, 21 Jan 2010 17:38:01 -0500, Jeff Easterson <JffEstrsn at aol.com>  

> Did the committee explain how they reasoned that 10 points was an
> accurate description of the hand? I'd mistrust this committee in the
> future.  JE

It was just one member of the committee, though it was the committee head.  
Everyone else on the committee thought it was idiotic. But anyway, 1 point  
for the 5th spade, 2 points for the sixth spade, and 1 point for the  
fourth heart or singleton diamond, adding up to 9 offensive points.

> Robert Frick schrieb:
>>   N   E    S    W
>> 1D  1NT  2S(1) P
>>   P   P
>> (1) Explained as 10 points when East asked before the final pass. East
>> claims he was planning on doubling until he heard the explanation.
>> Standard American is that 2S is to play and probably weak, not strong
>> enough to double 1NT.
>> down 1. South actually had
>> QJ10xxx
>> xxxx
>> x
>> Qx
>> I ruled that 2S down one vulnerable should be changed to 2S doubled down
>> one vulnerable.
>> It was protested and sent to committee. The reason for the appeal: "I
>> never heard of the auction being changed from 2S to 2S doubled just
>> because of a bidding misexplanation."
>> The committee chair ruled that 2S should be returned to undoubled  
>> because
>> "10 points" was an accurate description of the South hand. Not even  
>> North
>> and South had the gall to make that claim.
>> If you don't want to take East on his word that he was going to double,  
>> he
>> had
>> Kxx
>> QJx
>> KJxx
>> AKx
>> East was maybe the fourth best player in the room. I asked the best  
>> player
>> if he would double with that hand and he said he would not consider it.
>> Then he added that East might. Asking another very good player who plays
>> with East a lot, and he said that he would not double with that hand but
>> agreed that East probably would.
>> So I presented to the committee that almost no one would double with  
>> that
>> hand but East likely would. A reason for the committee removing the
>> double: "He doesn't have a double."
>> And another reason for removing the double "2 Spades should make. He was
>> lucky to get +100".
>> The owner also disagreed with my ruling. "He should know that 2Sp is to
>> play and he was asking just to get a wrong explanation so then we would  
>> be
>> legally protected. We cannot reward him for asking what 2Sp means."
>> So remind what a committee does that couldn't be done more quickly and
>> easily and accurately with a coin flip?
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