[BLML] How difficult can a player make the life of a TD?

Rob Bosman rgtjbos at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 20 11:31:31 CET 2010

The game:

board 4 W/all                KJ10




Q87652                                                 -

96                                                         AJ754

J6                                                         109732

543                                                       KJ10






west     north   east     south

pass       1 C      1 H     dbl

pass       ..1 S  pass    4 S

dbl       pass     pass    pass


No comments on the bidding - south clearly ignored the BID of north before
responding 1S to the double.


The play:

Ace of hearts and a small heart, taken by the King. Small spade to the 10,
diamond to the king, small spade to the jack and the king of spades. Ace of
diamonds, upon which east discards the 10  of clubs. Before the revoke is
established east apologizes and replaces the 10 of clubs with a small
diamond. The 10 of clubs remains on the table. No TD is called. Declarer
continues with Queen of diamonds, discarding a club in dummy and ruffed by
West. West immediately returns a small club, the 9 in North and east waits
for some moments before playing the king of clubs. When declarer asks east
why she does not play the ten, east replies that declarer should have
instructed her to play the 10 and in the absence of such an instruction she
now has won the trick. Declarer, not really knowing what to think about all
of this, calls a small club from dummy, but the dummy, who had been
grumbling for some time already now calls for the TD.


What should  the TD do  now, besides giving a strong lecture to all players
not to invent their own ruling but to call the TD as soon as an irregularity
happens instead of applying EW's misinterpretation of how a major penalty
card must be treated and considering a technical penalty for both pairs?


The normal result of  the board is 4 S x -1. It doesn't really matter
whether east plays the 10 or the king as the defense will always make a
club, a heart and two  trumps. But. suppose that the TD does not allow the
play of the club King, that card is now a second penalty card. Declarer wins
the trick in dummy with the club Queen and can play the ace of spades to
which east must contribute the King of clubs. Declarer then will make four
spades, three clubs, one heart and two  diamonds: 4 S doubled just made.
Does BLML agree that the TD should award an adjusted score based on a number
of  times 4 S x made (100%) and a smaller number of times 4 S x -1 (3%)?


The favorite contract was by the  way 3 NT +1. Only one other pair arrived
in 4S (minus two undoubled).


Rob Bosman


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