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Mon Jan 18 19:54:37 CET 2010

From: "David Burn"

> What worries me is the notion that if Directors are supposed to 
> act on their
> own initiative in rectifying irregularities, then which 
> irregularities are
> rectified and which are not becomes, in effect, a random process.
> Suppose that X and Y, A and B are tied for first going into the 
> last round
> of a pairs tournament, and that both X and A in their anxiety 
> happen to drop
> a card on the floor. A director is passing X's table, sees the 
> card on the
> floor, and prevents X from revoking. No director is passing A's 
> table, so A
> revokes and finishes second. Does A have a legitimate grievance?

They should have, but a poor principle in the Laws says no.

1963 Law Law 97 TD's general reponsibilities: (e) to administer and 
interpret these Laws.

1975: Law 81C TD's Duties and Powers: C6 To rectify any error or 
irregularity of which he becomes aware.

1997: Law 81C TD's Duties and Powers C6: To rectify an error or 
irregularity of which he becomes aware in any manner...

2007: ditto

In the old days (pre 1975) a nearby table was arguing about a 
revoke. I waved to a TD and said, "None of my business, but I think 
that table needs your attention."

"You're right, it's none of your business," she said, and walked 
away. The principle, explained to me later, was that the TD goes to 
a  table only when called by the table (except for behavioral or 
procedural matters). A card seen on the floor by a passing TD was 
not rectified (justifiable as a procedural matter) until play was 
complete. Otherwise contestants are not being treated equally.

Kibitzers were told to keep their mouths shut, as noting 
irregularities was not one of their "duties and powers." Any 
statement by them was ignored.

Scoring errors were not subject to these restrictions, so an 
unstated commonsense rule of "becomes aware in any manner" was 
applicable to scores that were "patently incorrect."

Marvin L French
San Diego, CA

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