[BLML] Pear(-shape) of Davids Burn [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Alain Gottcheiner agot at ulb.ac.be
Tue Jan 12 12:43:25 CET 2010

richard.hills at immi.gov.au a écrit :
> Imps
> Dlr: North
> Vul: North-South
> The bidding has gone:
> WEST      NORTH     EAST      SOUTH
> ---       1H        Pass      2H
> 2S        3H        3S        ?
> You, South, hold:
> 9853
> T942
> KJ5
> J7
> What call would a pear of peers of DALB make?
> What other calls would a pear of peers of DALB consider making?
> Given David G's logic, South's pear-shaped 4H bid was neither a
> serious error, nor wild, nor gambling.
AG : not a serious error ?
If partner indeed holds a spade singleton or void, he has already taken 
it into account in deciding how many hearts to bid (remember he can bid 
3 1/2 by trying a new suit or, in many partnerships, by doubling).
If he indeed holds a spade singleton or void *and* he didn't try for 
game, he should hold a bare minimum and heart length ;  I'd be more 
afraid of them making 4S than of us making 4H. In that case, one should 
let sleeping dogs lie.

1H-3H anyone ?
> The real issue is whether South should have been informed that
> West did (and does) psyche more frequently than the rest of the
> Canberra experts combined.  That is, does _any_ partner of West
> _automatically_ have "more reason to be aware" that West's cards
> could well not correspond to West's calls?
Isn't there a slot in the SC for precisely this purpose ?

If there isn't in your country, then "frequent psyches" should be 
written in the "important notes" section.

Best regards


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