[BLML] Apology and Law 75A [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Nigel Guthrie nigel.guthrie41 at virginmedia.com
Mon Jan 11 13:13:41 CET 2010

+=+ Once upon a time, when I was young and naive, I played
a session with Kathy Nelson. Foolishly I agreed to her wish
to play transfer overcalls, which I had not played before then.
After I had forgotten the agreement four or five times we reverted
to natural overcalls. There was no doubt we had an agreement.
If you give your opponents a system card it is a listing of your
partnership understandings [Law 40B2(a)] and you have
agreed to play what it lists.

Thank you Grattan! Welcome news to me!

I think Richard Hills was under the impression that if neither partner 
knows a convention then it is not part of their understandings, even if 
they have verbally agreed to play it and even written it's name on their 
system card.

If I've stated Richard's position correctly and he is wrong, then I'm 
delighted, as that interpretation would make law-enforcement a nightmare.

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