[BLML] and their agreement is... (day in the life)

Jerry Fusselman jfusselman at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 22:01:12 CET 2010

Herman writes:
> However, what is the difference between a player accepting to play a SC
> reading it, and then forgetting to ask what Capeletti means precisely,
> and one who does not even read it?

In both cases, "Capeletti" (or "Shows the majors") would be MI.

> Both have "agreed" to play Capeletti!

This illustrates why "partnership understanding" is a superior term to
"partnership agreement."  The new laws have fortunately greatly
improved in this regard, because most of the previous references to
partnership agreement have been replaced with the better term.  It may
help to understand my position if you stop thinking about agreements
and instead focus on understandings.

If both partners understand (and usually remember) that 2Di shows the
majors, then that is their partnership understanding.  Otherwise, it
is not their understanding.  When your partnership understanding does
not match your disclosure, you have MI.

Jerry Fusselman

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