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Hercule Poirot:

"It is true that I can speak the exact, the idiomatic English.
But, my friend, to speak the broken English is an enormous asset.
It leads people to despise you. They say - a foreigner - he can't
even speak English properly."

Robert Frick:

>I knew the 2 Di bidder probably did not know Capelletti. I asked
>what 2 Di meant in Capelletti and he said it showed a six-card
>suit, which is of course the wrong answer.

Richard Hills:

No, it is the right answer in some Canberra circles.

They switched the meanings of 2C (now both majors) and 2D (now an
unspecified six-card suit).  In Canberra they get bored waiting
for 5-5 shape in the majors to intervene, so they get into the
auction's action with 4-5 or 5-4 in the majors.  Hence, whenever
advancer holds 2-2 or 3-3 in the majors, advancer now has the
bidding space to try 2D, showing equal length in the majors, thus
allowing overcaller to play in her longer major.

The point is that most Regulating Authorities deprecate one word
descriptions such as "Stayman", since there are a zillion
different customised versions of Stayman around the world.

E.g. Double-barrelled Stayman (embedded in Law 75), Extended
Stayman (hugely popular in Australia), Puppet Stayman, Stayman
promising values, Garbage Stayman, Stayman guaranteeing a major,
Stayman possibly the first step to a signoff in 3C, and Goman.

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