[BLML] Law 13B and 13C

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Tue Dec 28 10:18:30 CET 2010

On Behalf Of Peter Eidt
> From: "laval dubreuil" <lavaldubreuil at xplornet.com>
> > When the Director, according to Laws 13B or 13C (Incorrect Number of
> > Cards), cancels a board and awards adjusted scores (before it is
> > played), does he must award artificial scores or does he may assign
> > hypothetical real more probable scores ?
> > Is this under local Regulating Authority ?
> In both cases the TD may award an assigned adjusted score.
> In B it directly says "award an adjusted score" and adjusted scores are
both -
> assigned and artificial scores. The lawmaker want us TDs to _assign_ score
> whenever possible and legal.
> In C it looks a bit more towards artificial score as it reads "the result
must be
> cancelled and an adjusted score awarded", but here the following
> "Law 86D my apply" also shows the intend of the lawmakers, as Law 86 D
> with assigned adjusted scores instead of artificial adjusted scores.
> The different approach in Law 13 C and 15 C is IMO that Law 15 C says "the
> board must be cancelled" whereupon Law 13 C says "the result must be
> cancelled".

Sorry to disagree, but the question is answered in Law 12, more explicitly
in Law 12A2 which says:
"The Director awards an artificial adjusted score if no rectification can be
made that will permit normal play of the board".

The Director may not award an assigned adjusted score if the board has been
cancelled without play.

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