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Dear Sven,


You are living in a real dream world where anything played is done in
barometer style. 

Let us not distribute those slips round by round  in howell/mitchell events.





If I understand Ton correct I believe our routine is even (slightly) more
player-friendly: We hand out slips to each pair for each round during the
following round so the players get feedback on the boards they have just


And the slips for the last round are handed out immediately after the last
round is finished with a five (or maybe ten) minutes period for reporting
(alleged) errors.


Of course complete board records with all results shown are published at the
same time slips are handed out.


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I join Sven. When we started to use the bridgemates in ebl and wbf pairs

we also provided the players with a print out of their results when they
were playing their last round. 

This means that they receive their scores board by board with an overall
percentage for the whole session minus the last (2) boards they are still


This is very much appreciated and I consider it one of the big improvements
using the bridgemates. 


But this does not solve the scoring error made in the last boards played. 





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Once you use Bridgemate you obviously also use computers for calculating the

Why not print out the complete results showing how each board has been
scored at each table immediately as soon as scoring is completed, publish
the printout on some publishing board and give the players say ten minutes
to verify their results?

I assume your events are some kind of Mitchell; we (in Scandinavia) have a
simpler task as we normally run barometer schedules. Here we hand out
printed result slips to each pair after each round, the slip shows (for each
pair) what they did in the last round, their score on each board and their
running total score as well as current ranking.

My experience as director is that scoring errors have been reduced with a
factor of at least ten since we used manual scoring with travelers, and the
remaining errors are most often noticed by the players within five minutes
after they receive their result slips.

Suggestion: Investigate what you can do with your scoring program to make
life easier for both players and the director. If the scoring program can
make individual printouts for each pair then that would be fine.

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> Dear list,
> Since we have started to use Bridgemates in major tournaments, scoring
> have steeply increased.
> At a recent tournament, NS entered the wrong declarer turning their top
into a
> bottom, EW acknowledged the score and won the tournament. The error was
> discovered after the prize giving ceremony, leading to some acrimony.
> We are now about to amend our regulations but see no easy solution.
> 1. Organizers and players want an early prize giving ceremony so players
> start their return journeys.
> 2. Only a handful of players care to check the frequency sheets.
> 3. We use travellers in addition to the Bridgemates - but chasing
differences is
> quite a challenge, especially when some players leave immediately after
> session.
> 4. As results and frequency sheets are posted on the internet, quite some
> check them next day, and phone to ask for corrections.
> There have been several suggestions in the committee, including:
> - extending the correction period to next day noon (when everybody will
> taken their prizes home)
> - making the TD/scorer responsible for comparing the travellers with the
> Bridgemate results before the prize giving ceremony (which will then be
> by about half an hour, making most players go home before that and
annoying the
> organizer)
> - making players responsible for checking their private scores (if they
have any)
> with the frequency sheets (and living with having perhaps 5-10%
> mis-scores)
> I would welcome information how other jurisdictions handle this problem,
and any
> constructive suggestions.
> Regards,
> Petrus
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