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Wed Dec 15 11:34:51 CET 2010

On Behalf Of Magyar Ádám
> Hi all,
> I was the director at the table, and it seems that you're missing the
> When NS first played the board, there was no double, when they re-started
> against the right opponents, they doubled. The double seemed reasonable in
> MP's, the doubler having KJTxxx over dummy's suit, the trump ace and a
side king
> (so maybe this is more than reasonable). But the doubler may have noticed
> irregularity, since the TD was watching the auction.
> He is clearly the NOS, he is just doubling normally, but he gets 60%
instead of
> 100%, what 6H doubled -2 would have scored.
> I gave them 60, opponents 40, what the Laws say, they appealed. They said
> maybe the text of the laws sounds like this (I've shown him 15C), but not
the spirit.
> Could you give them more than 60% according to the (spirit of the) Laws,
> would you, if you could? After you've given your opinion, I'll tell you
what the
> appeals committee gave.

No, NOS shall have 60%. The board could not be played and TD is not at
liberty to judge what he believes a result would be.

Notice that even if 6H undoubled would most likely have resulted in a better
score than 60% the fact that NOS doubled and thus caused an artificial score
to be assigned NOS would still receive "only" 60%.

The reason for TD being present at the table and the condition for a play of
the board to be allowed should be known to both sides during the second
auction, so it is just bad luck for NOS that the incorrectly seated E-W in
the first auction did not also made the reasonable double of the final
contract. (NOS must of course not in advance be told how the original
auction had proceeded!) 

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