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John Lloyd and John Mitchinson, Advanced Banter, page 50:

"Not all chemicals are bad.  Without chemicals such as hydrogen
and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a
vital ingredient in beer."

Herman De Wael:

>And this is where Nigel, again, makes the common error. The non-
>disclosure does not make the agreement illegal. It merely
>creates a MI situation, which the TD will rectify if the
>opponents are damaged through the non-disclosure.
>By continually labelling psyches as "illegal", the average TD
>(and many above average) feels that the psyche, when not
>disclosed, should be changed into a 40% AS. Rather, he should
>treat the non-disclosed psyche as any other MI, and ask himself
>(and the opponents) "what would opponents have bid if they had
>been told


Richard Hills:

And this is where Herman, again, makes the common error.

While almost all pseudo-psyches are MI infractions of Law 40B4 --
partnerships like Robinson-Woolsey who Alert their pseudo-psyches
are rare -- the archetypal pseudo-psyche is in addition an
illegal convention infraction of Law 40B5 (typically an illegal
Highly Unusual Method convention, as in the H1H convention).

For ordinary MI under Law 40B4 a Director has to determine the
result(s) as if there had been a correct explanation.  But for an
extraordinary illegal convention Law 40B5 ruling the Director has
an often impossible task of determining the result(s) as if there
had been a correct auction.  So that is why the EBU White Book
mandates Artificial Adjusted Scores for EBU Directors applying
Law 40B5.

Merry Christmas

Richard Hills

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