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Tue Dec 14 17:26:37 CET 2010

Le 14/12/2010 16:36, Harald Skjæran a écrit :
> 2010/12/14 Sven Pran <svenpran at online.no <mailto:svenpran at online.no>>
>     The error was discovered during the auction period so the Director
>     correctly cancelled the first auction and let the auction start
>     again with the correct pairs seated.  The new auction was not
>     identical to the first auction so the Director must cancel the
>     board (without any play attempted).
>     We have Law 12A2: The Director awards an artificial adjusted score
>     if no rectification can be made that will permit normal play of
>     the board (see C2 below).
>     And Law 12C2a: When owing to an irregularity no result can be
>     obtained [and see C1(d)] the Director awards an artificial
>     adjusted score according to responsibility for the irregularity:
>     average minus (at most 40% of the available matchpoints in pairs)
>     to a contestant directly at fault, average (50% in pairs) to a
>     contestant only partly at fault, and average plus (at least 60% in
>     pairs) to a contestant in no way at fault.
>     It is clear to me that the (new) E-W pair who thus becomes unable
>     to play this board shall receive an artificial A+ score (60%).
>     What scores shall be awarded to the other two or three pairs
>     involved depend on several factors and judgments:
>     1: N-S at this table may be ruled fully responsible and thus
>     receive A- (40%), or only partially responsible and then receive A
>     (50%)
> I've got a problem with ruling N-S fully or partially responsible for 
> E-W sitting at the wrong table.
> I'd award them 60%.
AG : if N/S were handled a movement card (as is the case in triangular 
movements made to accomodate  any number of pairs), then they could be 
deemed partially responsable for not checking their opponents' pair number.
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