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Johnson, Ron Ron.Johnson at NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca
Mon Dec 13 17:41:41 CET 2010

From: Alain Gottcheiner

> AG : a partner who is silly enough to psych an opening in a relay
> and pass an artificial unlimited bid thereafter wouldn't remain the 
> parrner of anybody. 

Well Rubin-Becker (Ultimate Club) had a long standing partnership
and psyched more than any top level partnership I can think of.

True, their partnership did eventually break up. And part of the
reason might have been a series of adverse rulings related to
their psyching (one of the last matches they played together was
a win in spite of 3 rulings against -- all related to psyches)

> I didn't need those 30+ years of relay systems to 
> understand that they don't get on well with psyches (if only because
> will never believe you). 

As the Rubin/Becker experience seems to show.

> Opposite a non-crazy player who is accustomed 
> to relay systems, the probability of a problem in the system, however 
> low, is much higher than that of a psyche.

Well one of the secrets of their success I guess is that they
never allowed for a psyche. (In the same way that Meckwell never
give their partner any room even though they are aware that their
partner is frequently a king light)

> BTW, I showed this problem to three other relay freaks, and no one
> imagined a psyche.

And I doubt Rubin and/or Becker would have imagined a psyche either.

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