[BLML] Agreement or no agreement? That is the question.

Hans van Staveren sater at xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 13 08:21:36 CET 2010

Last weekend, Dutch national top teams.


A long standing, but not very frequently playing partnership gives different
explanations on two sides of the screen. This matters for the opening lead.
The person on lead receives the explanation as written down in the system
book. However, when I asked at the other side whether the book correct
explanation, in hindsight, seems to be correct I am answered:


I don't know, partner is more system sure than I am, I would have to look
this one up.


And not the usual "O yeah sure, I forgot".


Now the question is if I should accept the explanation to the opening leader
as their agreement. If so, score stands, if not adjusted score.


There are things to be said for both views.



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